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Welcome to Grandeur Wallcoverings Pte Ltd!

Grandeur Wallcoverings has been supplying fashionable wall coverings of excellent quality to the market since 2008.

Grandeur Wallcoverings is a full service supplier who tailors our services to fit our customers’ needs i.e. wholesale supplies, distribution and installation services.

It is our aspiration to ensure our wall coverings meet the highest expectations of the market. This is essential as consumers are becoming more knowledgeable and are expecting the best– be it materials, quality of work, design sophistication and/or latest trends. 

Our Products & Services

At Grandeur Wallcoverings, we take pride in our effort to continuously generate great ideas in developing a variety of sophisticated products to cater to the market. All our products are directly supplied from our own factory.

The designs of our products are sourced from a variety of localities such as Korea, Japan, Taiwan/Malaysia, UK, USA & Europe. Aside from our ready-to-buy wall coverings, customers are able to customize their wall covering designs to suit their requirements (with a minimum order of 200 rolls per design).

Furthermore, we also offer free on-site quotation and/or measurement.


Our History

As business opportunities in Singapore blossom with commercial and residential properties mushrooming around the metropolitan area, we foresaw the demand rise for the wall covering business. Consumers’ acceptance towards these timeless wall coverings also grew in tandem with the development of more modern properties inspiring their homes’ interior designing. This demand growth amplified the need to develop a variety of options within the industry.

To support this demand growth, Grandeur Wallcoverings was with the passion to provide affordable high quality wall coverings that are at par with products provided by international suppliers. It is our hope to acquire a sizable market share while promoting the competency of local businesses.

Since our formation, we have been delivering ingenious services to interior designers, furnishing dealers, architectural consultant firms and office/building renovation contractors. With reinforcement from our own in-house factory and reputable services, we believe we are able to extend our recognized reputation in Singapore’s wall covering market.

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